Can only click on explorer.exe

By Marcbmann
Sep 12, 2010
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  1. Wow, I'm just full of problems. Today while doing some work in Photoshop my computer seemed to freeze. I could still move my mouse, use numlock, etc. But Windows would not respond to anything I did. I ended up having to do a hard reboot. After logging into Windows my mouse was unable to click on anything. Once again a hard reboot was necessary. I booted into safe mode where the problem kind of continued. I was only able to click on windows after alt-tabing over to them. I had decided to do a system restore to 3 days ago. When the restore finished I was told it did not complete successfully and nothing was changed. However, after booting into Windows I was once again able to click on things and a message told me I had successfully recovered Windows. I also realized that several programs I had disabled from startup were now starting with Windows. After opening Firefox I was no longer able to click on anything but explorer.exe Upon ending explorer.exe I am once again able to click away, but if I start it back up my mouse is confined once again to explorer.exe

    After my Black screens of death from this thread continued today and after discovering AMD Drivers on my computer I realized its time to reformat. However I'd like to back up as much as possible before doing so, and that would mean needing to click again... properly. Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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