can somebody read me my minidump file pls?

By anfernee
Jun 23, 2006
  1. Dear all,

    my computer has been restarting by itself for the past 2 months..

    some said it might be over heating.... i have cleaned all the CPU and check the temp.. so it's not the problem.

    somesaid bad RAM.. i used 2x 512 DDR400 PC3200 and now i changed into 2 x 256 DDR400 PC3200 and the problem still persists..

    somesaid bad PSu .... i just bought 480W Antec True power 2.0... still the problem persists again... lol...

    so i figured its my mobo / there is a virus in my computer...

    i used to have external hard disk attached to my computer for 24/7 for like 2 months.. and i plugged it out the problem is reduced by 50%... now the frequency of the restart is 10 times for 1 day lol.... even when its idle / the processor is working it can restart by itself... so need your help guys to find out which driver is crashing...

    for your time and attention thank you..

    my specification

    Intel pentium 2.4 GHz HT
    Asus P4P800
    Ati radeon 9550 256 MB
    1 80GB Sata
    1 dvd rw
    480W PSU
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