Canada's tax agency and UK parenting site Mumsnet are the first confirmed victims of Heartbleed

Himanshu Arora

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Just a few days after the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) blocked public access to its online services due to concerns over the Heartbleed bug, the agency has confirmed that prior to the preventive measure, an attacker exploited the bug and...

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Confirmed? How?

The Canada Revenue Agency refuses to provide any details...even though the RCMP claim they have a suspect.


Pretty small leak.... in canada only 900 SINs.. 900 too many but not bad


A 6 hour period ? The 6 hours after the news was released to the public and every wannabe hacker in the world went holy moly short window to sploitz me some data for the sheer giggle of it. Thanks media for the heads up...

Ya know like all the papers are like, oh change ya passwords now. So, most numptys probably did that without checking that the website had updated encryption or not... on top of that those who did check that said website had updated their encryption then thought "yay safe" and logged into their unsafe email boxes to click on their confirmation of changed password emails.

You gotta love the mass media panic. Best thing to do would have been reboot the interwebs at head office and during the downtime fix the ssl leak that was apparently made by some german, who only confessed all once someone shouted blame towards the NSA and general nazi communist American direction. Who then rang up Hans Upitwasme ... and begged him to take the blame for a percentage of earnings to come directly from the "windows xp support tax fund paid by country tax payers who love to get fudged over funds".

Gotta hate this world we live in.