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Cannot boot or get into Safe Mode or get beyond blank screen

By aehoppen
Mar 15, 2009
  1. Hi everyone. I have been Googling and reading various tech forums since yesterday afternoon but I have not found any problems exactly like the one I am having. This seems like one of the best forums so I am really hoping you can help me out.

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop with Windows XP Professional. Yesterday morning when I booted up, everything was fine and my computer started running PC Security Sheild My Registry Cleaner which it does every Saturday. While it was running, I was looking for something on the web and then everything froze completely. I could not exit or stop anything with ctr-alt-del and had to shut down with the power button.

    When I attempt to reboot, I get an apology that tells me to select last configuration that worked if I don't know what happened. When I do this, I get the windows screen and it looks like I am booting up and then the screen goes blank (not blue). If I select Safe Mode (any variety) I get a screen full of lines "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0) ..." and then it just stops. If I hit F8 when I turn the computer on I get more options and have tried "disable automatic restart on system failure" but this doesn't do anything (well it tries to boot up but then freezes. There are no beeps or noises.

    I have detached all usb connections (printers), removed the battery, unplugged, vacuumed vents, etc. None of this has worked. I am able to hit F12 and run diagnostics. I ran tests for "Cannot Boot OS" off the symptom tree and it found no errors. I also ran the quick test and it found no errors.

    I do have a Reinstallation CD and I think I have reinstall on my Maxtor backup harddrive. In desperation, I inserted the cd and turned on the computer but I did not get a prompt to boot from the cd (or anything any different to even indicate a cd was in the drive). I haven't tried the Maxtor (not sure what to do).

    Please help. I didn't sleep all night worrying about this.
  2. vizion

    vizion TS Rookie Posts: 17

    1. Step one check you bios settings and see whether your cd drive is first boot option.
    2. Then try your reinstallation CD
    3. When you do get iy working read up on how to use system restore and backup utulities. Then take the appropriate steps now so when you get another failure you can restore everything!!!
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