Cannot connect to internet through a browser!

By toobadno
Apr 14, 2009
  1. Okay, so i one day i tried to get on the internet, but every browser i tried couldn't connect. The browsers i use are IE, Firefox, and Chrome. I can connect to the internet through MSN messenger, Limerwire, and Skype. I have been told to reinstall my OS, but i dont know how to do that and am hoping someone here knows another way to fix this problem. I use Windows XP. If i have to reinstall OS can someone give me a guide for a beginner on how to do that.
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    P2P software is installed. (Limewire)...
    This is a likely source of malware.
    If you have a virus or other malware infection, P2P software will need to be removed...

    Is your AV, Antispy, and Firewall software up-to-date (and properly configured)?
    If you have a virus or other malware, you will likely wish to start a new thread in that area...

    See this information if you think this may be a possibility.

    You need to read, understand, and strictly follow the directions
    which you find at the top of virus and malware board.

    Start with...
    Then ...
    Followed by ...

    If you find malware / virus infections, you will want to start a new thread there...

    Once you have posted the three (3) logs mentioned in the 8 steps,
    one of the experienced helpers will be more able to assist you.

    How to post your Hijackthis log-file as an ATTACHMENT:

    Good Luck. Repost if you have difficulties along the way.
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