Cannot find primary drive 0?

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Mar 4, 2008
  1. K I just got a dell dimension 1100 from my sister last week was working fine at first but now when I turn on the computer it says "cannot find primary drive 0... press f1 to something or f2 to something".

    Heres what I did to the computer =/. When I first got it i reformatted the drive and installed in window xp pro sp3. Then I installed in another cd rom and softwares and games, was still working good. The next day while i was playing starcraft a blue screen pop up and said " somthing kernel bug... somthing new hardware or software might not work with windows please check... physical memory being dumped". So i restarted the computer and didnt really think much of it and try to play again=/. After the 4th time I notice the computer was running and booted up slower. So I thought hmm that blue screen is a problem, it could be the new cd rom or softwares i installed. So I decided to reformat the drive and take out the cd rom and install in window xp home sp 2 this time. After that while installing back the chipset, video, and audio drivers the blue screen pop up again:(. When I was finish installing everything and a few blue screen restart the computer was running really slow. So i decided to reformat it for the third time =l. But this time there was a problem while installing in windows so i had to restart it before it was done installing. After a few unsuccessful try to install in window xp, i thought it could either be the cd rom, hard drive, or the whole motherboard thing. So then I took out the hard drive and install it in my other desktop thinking i can reformat and install windows from that desktop =/. Which didnt work so i plug it back in and try to reformat it again. But now it says cannot find primary drive 0 when i boot the computer. I've tried everything i could somebody please help me.
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  3. bbqchip

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    so if i buy a new hard drive the computer will work?
  4. kimsland

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    I expect so

    But you may be better to run the diagnostics (link above) before doing this
    Just to confirm that it is the drive (you never know with computers!)
  5. bbqchip

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    that look to complicated for me beside i can only go to bios setting right now
  6. kimsland

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    It's a bootable CD (like Windows) that checks your HardDrive (you need to select your model (label on the drive)

    Or just replace it I suppose, it's about 90% assured Hard Drive failure anyway.
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