Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

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Jan 19, 2008
  1. I have 3 DVD-R disks with content (documents, graphics files, etc. – NO VIDEO files) that was backed up from a previous computer. I cannot read (or even see) any of the content from these DVDs. I have an identical (type) DVD-R with video content, and it opens and runs just fine.

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio and its DVD drive reads: DVD multi-recorder; DVD rewritable; CD rewritable. When I insert any of these 3 data DVDs, the DVD drive (F on my machine) that usually says “DVD-RAM” next to the icon (in Explorer) now says “CD drive” (although the icon itself says “DVD-ROM” at the bottom of the icon). If I click on the F: drive icon, or attempt to “open” files from the F drive, I get an error message that says “F: not accessible. Incorrect function.” If I right click on the drive and go to properties, it shows that all the disk space is used (which should be correct – each of the 3 DVDs should essentially be full of content), but I cannot see any of the folders or files on this drive, even when I click “mixed media” as the file type to open (rather than video files). Again, inserting the exact same type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine.

    I have attempted the same procedure on my Dell Latitude D600 (DVD drive reads: DVD-ROM; CD rewritable). The DVD drive in this computer shows up in Explorer as “DVD/CD-RW drive.” When I insert one of these data disks into this machine and double click on the CDC drive icon, nothing shows up (but I get no error message). If I right click on the drive icon, under “properties,” then “settings,” the device shows up as “CD-RW drive” and under “media type” it says “device not ready.” Again, the identical type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine.

    Please help!
  2. Tedster

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    you may need the correct codecs. Also if the discs are +R, you will not be able to read them in a -r drive.
  3. LookinAround

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    which dvd/cd drive do you have?

    I also have a D600. Mine came with a Toshiba SD-C2612 which is quite finicky about the discs it will read (vs. the discs it's supposed to read). A search through Dell User forums found lots of people with similar complaint. Also, make sure you have the most recent firmware upgrade installed (tho for this Toshiba drive it doesn't help)

    • Right click on My Computer
    • Select Manage from the context menu
    • Double click Device Manager to open it
    • Scroll down till you see DVD/CD-ROM drives
    • Click the + sign to the left of DVD/CD-ROM drives which should now display the make/model drive you have on your D600
  4. bogieman

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    Details on DVD Drive that will not read data content on DVD-R disk

    Thanks so much for your reply - Under the DVD drive icon my Dell says: HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4243N ... I guess my question is why both of my computers will read the video content from an identical type DVD-R but will not read any of the DVD-Rs with data content (I have a total of four identical type Maxell DVD-R disks, three of which have data content and one of which has video content). Any ideas?

    Under "Manage/Devices/DVD" my Toshiba says "Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-845S"
  5. bogieman

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    Tedster, sorry to be so clueless, but what does "you may need the correct codec" mean?
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