Cannot update virus protector or access available AV sites

By GTaylor54
Nov 13, 2009
  1. Hi, I'm new to the site and so far what I've read has been useful, but has not cured my major issues. Ive been trying to review all topics that have been part of my symptoms but so far I've been unable to fix most of what is affecting my system.

    I've read the 8step to removing viruses/spyware/malware but some steps I was forced to skip. Step-4 & 5 Malwarebites anti-malware and SuperAntiSpyware application had to be skipped because I have been unable to access any sites that are Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware related, ie.,, AVG, spysweeper, etc. Also, I had a harddisk version of a bitDefender pro2009 that would not even complete the load because it requires that it connect to the internet to complete the process. My previous AV was AVG2008 that I had a friend send to me that I ran full scans on a daily basis for about 2-3 days and received almost the same problems.

    After I began to realize I couldnt access any AV sites, I started getting boot up issues. Right now, it takes maybe 2-3 attempts to actually turn my computer on and have explorer.exe running. Ive been getting boot errors(maybe 3-5 messages telling me the some boot extensions could not start up/failed to initialize). The first 2 attempts fail at the point that Windows loads, but explorer is not running and I can't access any files/folders/etc while my background and my mouse are the only things viewable. My taskmanger stopped working and that is how i came across this site. I have my HJT file and would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can possibly offer.
    Thanks G
  2. Bobbye

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    I rarely, hardly ever, almost never make this suggestion- but-

    I started listing the bad entries in just the HijackThis log for you to remove and it included almost all of the entries.

    One of the infections is a password stealer. I suggest you reformat/reinstall now before any more damage is done. Bit Defender has not been of any help and you have no antimalware programs running.

    Sorry the news isn't better.
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