Canon Pixma MP495

Hi Guys, Recently a power bump has caused my printer to shut down after just a few seconds. I have removed the K30321 ac adapter and noticed that it now makes a rattling sound. My questions are: Is this an easy thing to take apart and if so, how? Does anyone have a schematic for this adapter? What are the outputs on the 3 pins coming out of the adapter? Is it possible to just wire in a different 24 vdc adapter. Thanks guys and take care. Bob C


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Unless you've worked with power supplies before, I wouldn't recommend a repair attempt. The problem with using a different adaptor is that 3-pin connector -- one of the pins is a control pin, which requires feedback from the printer. But you should be able to find a used replacement adaptor fairly cheap.
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Hi, sorry for late reply. I took the ac adapter apart and sure enough there was a bad capacitor, Replaced it and now good as new. Hardest part was taken the adapter apart, Thanks for advice Endymio. Take care