Can't access certain sites on Vista

By TimTimFed
Jun 10, 2008
  1. Hi there;

    Don't mean to upset anyone as I've seen a similar problem listed on TechSpot however there are a few important differences so I've felt like posting this up here.

    My internet browsers, both IE and Firefox, rarely can access particular websites. This includes Hotmail, Gmail, IGN PC (only pc) and a couple more. Also, Google only completes a search from time to time.

    The problem is, when trying to access these sites, I don't get a time out error or any message at all - the window remains blank and in the bottom left I see the browser is still trying to receive information but none comes through. The message in the corner says 'Waiting for' for example.

    These sites I have mentioned occasionally work but only about an eighth of the time; the most sporadic one is Google search.

    Also, not sure if they're related, but often when browsing the net I get a lot of Vista error messages popping up saying things like "WLloginproxy.exe has stopped working". That message just came up then, but it happens to a few processes.

    This problem is killing me before a due date, not being able to access my email is particularly bad. Any help would be seriously appreciated, thanks a lot for your time;

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