Can't access internet options IE8

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Dec 25, 2009
  1. This happened after trying to uninstall IE 8 and then reinstalling it, afterwards I was unable to access internet options in the browser and in control panel just this flash I got IE8 to work mostly. Did some researching into this online (in the beginning things were worse but i was able to repair most everything except accessing internet options, also some right-click options to save videos does the same thing just flashes).
    I am able to use firefox but I really need internet explorer for other purposes no matter how much I hate it.

    Please help!
  2. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    I'd try system restore. If you don't know how to use it, reply back and I'll walk you through it. I'll need to know which version of Windows you have.

    -- Andy
  3. GN48

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    Do you mean, when you click on the internet options, says something like this: "This operation has been canceled due to resrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."? :suspiciou
  4. Doomangelsc

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    duplicate message sorry
  5. Doomangelsc

    Doomangelsc TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Yes I did try system restore a couple times and to no avail although it did get IE running again. I have windows XP. And no error message, nothing when clicking internet options except a flash or flicker.

    Oh forgot to mention, after uninstalling IE8 an attempting to installing it back, it errored an left a link on my desktop for help an then rebooted well firefox is my default so the link didn't work. So this is when I did the system restore and got IE8 back but still had the problem with the internet options and some odd things.
  6. WinXPert

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    On explorer go to C:\windows\inf

    right-click on ie.inf | install

    Reboot. Hope this helps.
  7. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Posts: 143

    I see.....:suspiciou
  8. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Posts: 143

    What do you mean by that?
  9. jackkent

    jackkent TS Rookie

    I have been in the trouble of IE problems before, the reinstallation would simply not fix the problem. Office suite as well, when it was removed manually, I couldn't reinstall it until I deleted its relative registered entries. So I suggest you recover the system to give the problem a clear shot.
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