Cant access internet unless im in safe mode

By Caspa
Nov 11, 2015
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  1. I'm pretty much reposting this from the malware subforum, since it seems my system is clean and the problem is something else..

    Hi, let me start this off by saying I'm not a native speaker so I'm doing my best at explaining myself. Right now I'm in safe mode writing this. I have 2 devices with wifi that work just fine, and I've tried connecting a notebook via cable to the modem and it also works just fine. However, my pc does not, using the same cable and modem.

    After calling the support of my internet provider I've realized that it's most likely a problem in my computer and not the internet itself, however I formatted and installed windows 7 64bits yesterday (I've been having problems for the last few weeks).. I did keep my data on a 1tb hard drive, but I doubt it's infected. However I just cant think of anything else that might be causing this, since I'm able to connect just fine on safe mode.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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