Can't format the USB Thumb drive

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I've just brought a brand new USB 32GB thumb drive (it was working at that moment), so I decided to format the drive to NTFS, but it takes ages (3 to 4 hours for 10% )and still haven't finish the I aborted the format and use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format it, but it keep saying that the USB thumb drive is having the write-protected on (in fact, it doesn't have the write-protect lock button at all) now I can't format (unable to complete the format) or use the drive at all.....also, if I use the format provided by Windows (right-click at the drive and choose "format") it will give me an error at the end......

Please help!!! SO MANY THANKS!!!

It is a OEM product, the chip is a Samsumg chip. And I bought it on ebay.

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If you have a Windows Install CD you can boot with it and tell it to delete all the partitions without having to use DOS. (I use a WinXP cd), I did the same thing once with a 4gb flash drive.
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Just tried it, it doesn't work, it said unable to delete the partition.

Thansk for your suggestion anyway.


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how are you trying to format it?

Does it have U3 on it? If so, delete that.
Generally, you want to keep flash drives in FAT 32.
Beware of buying ANYTHING electronic on ebay.

Go to disc management in control panel and format the drive that way.

Also read the FAQs in this forum.
ok heres what you need to do you need to do a low level format on the drive

go to this site h tt p: // w w w. compuapps . com/ Products / OnBelay /onbelay .h t m
install it and all that it will ask for a cd key just hit continue and start up the program again
click on the tools tab and at the bottom click format and select your drive it'll give you directions from there worked for me hope it works for you :)

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