Can't get sound on five speakers

By felaia
Feb 3, 2011
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  1. Good afternoon!

    since i started using windows 7 i havent been able to have 5.1ss (i had it with xp)
    i just download the latest program (or drivers) for it, but still wont work.
    i wanted to submit an image, but im too green for it xD
    the thing is, if i go to the idt program, and select 5.1, it will automatically switch back from 5.1 to stereo (program wont allow me to change it at all)
    however, if i go to windows volume/speakers/ and from configure, there i can select 5.1 and if i test it all the speakers will sound fine. it just doesnt work after that


    Mainboard Model DP35DP

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