Can't get Verizon Access Mgr to open USB wireless modem

By macx
Jan 22, 2010
  1. Installed the Verizon Access Mgr and the Pantech 175 USB WAN (?) modem on my laptop several months ago, no problems at all, works flawlessly.

    Decided I'd try it on my desktop.

    Both are XP sp3, and the exact same setup.

    Installed the software for the Access Mgr and the Pantech modem, the computer recognized it and installed the modem incl the drivers. Everything shows up fine in Device Mgr, incl even an assigned Com Port for the modem.

    But when I open Access Mgr, it tells me the modem is "not inserted" - even the "detect device" doesn't work. It seems to "find" the modem, and then tries to configure it but fails and switches back to "device not inserted". The light on the modem even flashes blue like it's supposed to when it's working.

    I followed directions and installed the software before I plugged in the modem, and even unhooked the cable internet and disabled the connection. All to no avail.

    It's the exact same software, incl updates, I had on the laptop - in fact copied it from the laptop and installed it into Program Files on the desktop, so is the exact same app.

    I've worked thru everything I can find in the Verizon Access Mgr Help files with no results, done the Diagnostics in the Verizon Access Mgr app for the modem and everything and everything says the modem is fine and is working properly.

    I've emailed Verizon Help but as yet have not rec'd a reply.

    It works just fine on my laptop, never had a problem from the very start.

    I'm stumped, appreciate any help.
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