Can't load pages from Google or Yahoo search bars

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Dec 3, 2009
  1. Hello to all,

    I've been working with Bobbye on the Virus side of this issue, and he says my problem is unique and to post over on this thread. Hopefully someone can help. I am running Windows XP Pro, and have all the latest updates and versions installed, (except for the .Net update installation problem that I notice alot of others are experiencing). Here's the issue; when I type a word or phrase into the Google or Yahoo search bar and hit enter or click search, nothing happens. The tab on the webpage I'm currently on will say "Loading" and the little "circle" on the tab will be spinning like it does when it's trying to load. I've run the 8 step process and gotten rid of alot of malware and trojans, all to no avail. This problem is the same in Firefox, IE, and Chrome. I have Firefox 3.5 and IE8, and just installed Chrome this morning to see if that changed anything. I also uninstalled Firefox and the Google toolbar and re-installed. I uninstalled IE 8 and re-installed. I've been running scans and cleaning all found objects. I ran ComboFix 2 if not 3 times. I've made sure there's not anything running in the background that doesn't need to be. I have another search engine called "GoodSearch" which is actually powered by Yahoo, and that one works fine. The funny thing is, if I type the complete web address of the page I want to view in the top address bar, it will take me right there, in all 3 browsers. I can navigate to a web page if it's in my bookmarks or from a link, but I just can't "Google" anything. Google, Yahoo, Bing, it's all the same problem with them. To see my conversations with Bobbye, click this link.
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    You have both McAfee and AVG9 installed together, according to your logs :confused:

    Please uninstall both (yes both ;)) of these Security softwares in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    Then download (if possible) the AVG Remover Tool and run that as well


    Check Internet now
    Then go here and download >> Free Avira Antivirus
    Install it; Update it, and run a full scan

    I'd say once the malwares are removed all will be fine ;)
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    Wow, you da man! My problem is fixed! I've always been against McAfee and I got rid of the full version before I installed AVG. Just recently, though, bout the time my problem started now that I think about it, I somehow got McAfee Site Advisor installed. Obviously they were working against each other. I un-installed both and installed and ran Avira. Also did the IE reset and a disk defrag. Everythings working great. Thanks alot!
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    I cannot stand the McAfee products. I have used them only because the system had Windows 2000, and none of the other commercial products would work on Win2K anymore.

    I've always found it to be the slowest security software on the market.
    Just yesterday, I upgraded my dad's system from Win2K to Win XP Pro because I didn't want to be limited to running McAfee.

    I have been a Norton user for a long time, and still am, because of the support, ease of use, and speed (at least from NIS 2009 and later).

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