Can't make a partition bootable

By jblovekim
Dec 21, 2011
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  1. I've having problems with my Computer, I have Windows 7 Ultimate Pre Installed version installed as my main OS, I've researched so many guides and still can't find an answer to this problems.


    1. How do I make a partition Bootable?
    (I researched the solution and it was easy but the hard thing is that I can't find set partition as active, when I right click my partition only displays (Open, Explore, Shrink, Format, Change Drive Letter, Delete Volume, Properties, Help) there is no set partition as active)

    2. When Installing an OS on Partition D it says I don't have enough space but I have 120GB free space
    (It keeps telling me that I don't have enough space when I have 120GB available, I think this needs no.1 finished first?)

    3. When I install my xp version, does an option wether what os I would use or do I need to install something before or after installing xp version to make it use dual boot?

    4. Will my windows 7 OS get troubles when something goes wrong installing xp?

  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    When you install XP remember it came before Win7 was a twinkle in MS eye. XP knows nothing about Win7 booting method (which is actually totally and unnecessarily different), and so destroys the boot process for Win7. The other alternative is install XP first, and Win7 second, whereupon you automatically get offered a dual-boot.

    The reason you get a warning about not enough space is probably that the XP install you are using lacks SP3 slip-sreamed into it. That means you have no SATA drivers at all, and must set the HDD to IDE mode before you can install XP. That will make your Win7 inaccessible, so you are making a rod for your own back. Furthermore, it often happens that a Win7-created partition is not compatible with XP at all.

    It is almost always a good idea to install XP and Win7 on separate HDD's to solve those sort of problems. This assumes you are determined to install XP rather than just use an XP-compatibility box, virtual PC, VMplayer and the like.
  3. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413

    It CAN be done...

    Make sure you have your 7 DVD beside you!

    1. After you install XP, XP will be bootable. Later, I will tell you how to make 7 and XP bootable.
    2. What SP level are you using?
    3. Again, I will help you resolve the problem later in the post.
    4. Probably, but it depends on the problem. And do not say it will go wrong, say if.

    About #1 and #3. As gbhall said, XP will destroy 7's boot process and replace it, not seeing 7. Boot from your 7 disc. When you see the option, select "Repair Your Computer". Type
    bootsect /nt60 all
    Then type
    bcdedit /create {ntldr} -d “Windows XP”
    Source of the above.
  4. bbearren

    bbearren TS Rookie

    Since you have Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download and install Microsoft's Virtual PC and a free XP SP3 ready for installation in the virtual PC.

    There will be no booting conflicts if you go that route.

    If you choose to install XP to a parition, you'll need a Windows 7 installation DVD to repair the damage to the boot sector. Do you have a Windows 7 installation DVD?

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