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Can't pull up Facebook website

By bplunkett1
Oct 7, 2015
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  1. I cant pull up the Facebook website. I can pull up a tab for it for a new session but it just gives me a solid white page. I don't even get the Facebook blue header with the email - login! Nothing. When I go to my frequent visited boxes on the search page, I click on the green one and when I click on it, it takes me to an error message from Facebook that says "Sorry, we were unable to process your request." Then when I click on the Try Again button, it says "You are signed in as "my name" - then below it is another message "Not you? Try signing in as someone else." Then when I click on that and put in my password, it takes me right back to the "Sorry....." message! HELP! I read elsewhere that thousands of other Facebook users are having the same problem and can't get to their facebook accounts. They're getting the white page or either being told by messages that their account has been locked or disabled. I'm not getting that at all. I'm just getting to Facebook tab but no facebook blue header bar where I can sign in. It says I'm signed in! HELP! What is going on?!
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,856   +901

    On this site: hover your mouse over Forums -> Search and search for the single keyword Facebook
    select Titles Only and Most Recent - - there's good info online here

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