Can't remove external hard drive safely

By franatieu
Feb 19, 2012
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  1. Hello,

    I am so tired of this problem. It seems like I can't find a solution at all...
    So I have an external hard drive just like any other person and some time, it can't remove safely.
    It is really annoying.
    I have USB Safely Removal. I thought would solve the problem but It doesn't.

    With the windows eject tool,
    It says "volume generic" error message when I try too remove it.

    With USB... it's more precise.
    **Actually, the process name is "system".
    **To be even more precise, the process file name is "i:\$extend\$rmmetadata\$txtflog\$txtflogcontainer00000000000000000000001 * and 02"
    Theres also "i:\$extend\$rmmetadata\$txtflog\$txtflog.blf"

    Anyway, no program seems to be able to remove it safely.

    Why "safely"?
    One time I lost half of my important files and datas while remove it normally.
    I ran into too much frustration and time wasted by trying to "recover" with programs.

    It cannot be viruses because I reformated my computer recently and all the files from the hard drive were virus free and has been scanned. My computer also works fine. I'm using windows 7 Pro x64 and my hard drives are NTFS,FAT32 or exFat.

    I also tryed with little programs like Unlocker, Unlock It, ProcessExplorer and none of them actually worked.

    Some time, one of the program detect something (explorer.exe or something else). Then I kill the process. Then I scan again to see if it actually worked. Programs detect nothing. I try to remove it safely and the "error" appears again.


    I can't deal with this situation anymore. I don't want to restart my PC every time It happens.

    Also, I got a 3tb My book essential from WD but the problem appears on any hard drive (500gb lacie, 500gb seagate, 2tb WD) even when I'm at school.

    **I've added some pictures showing the exact message.

    Thanks In advance.

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  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    "and my hard drives are NTFS,FAT32 or exFat"...

    Why? Shouldn't they all be formatted NTFS?
  3. franatieu

    franatieu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All my desktop hard drives are NTFS.

    The portable ones are different because some of them are old model and/or I forgot to format them.

    The one I use for work is actually formatted into exFat. I use it all the time and the problem still occurs more often on NTFS drives.

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