Can't see shared network folders/printers at work.

By X DarthMonkey X
Jul 28, 2006
  1. Just like the title says, when I'm at work I can't see any of our file server's shared folders, or any of our networked or shared printers when I'm on my laptop. I could a few weeks ago, before I reformatted after getting a nasty virus. Bt after reformatting, it just didn't see the printers or shared files.

    What's more, nobody can see my computer connected either.

    After I messed around with the settings (workgroup and computer name) I can't even see the workgroup that the printers and server are on! Heck, I can't even see the workgroup that I'M on, which means that if I go to "View Entire Network" and go to Microsoft Windows Network, it shows a total of zero workgroups there. Obviously, I'm connected, since I can connect to the internet. And I know that I'm connected to the correct router. And I can login to the router's admin panel, and I can see my computer in the DHCP area. So it sees me.

    So.... help! If you need more informatoin, feel free to ask.
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