Cant see wireless ADSL modem from one of the laptops

By Sentri
Oct 16, 2009
  1. Hi guys,

    i hope you could be able to help me with this very wierd problem im having.
    Im using an ADSL internet from Alice (Telecom Italia). The modem is ethernet and wireless. I used to use it thru wireless since the telephone line was in another room and thats where the modem is.
    1. On my M17 i got Vista and Win7 both 64 and i had no issues seeing my modem and connecting wirelessly.
    2. I got a technitian come and wired the walls so i started using the cable instead.
    3. Since the wireless connection was automatic and it connected thru the ethernet i disconected wireless since i didnt needed it anymore. Presuming it will be not automatic anymore but manual connect.
    4. I had to move to another room, no ethernet, so back to wireless...
    The problem:
    I cannot see anymore my wireless on both Win7 and Vista!
    I can see other wireless connections of the neighbours, but not mine - Alice-76232332. I can see it on any other PC that i try so the SSID is not hidden. Neither is my MAC banned or something.

    What i did so far without success:
    Reset / restart the modem.
    Restart PC.
    Removed my "Alice-76...." from prefered networks in both Win7 and Vista. Moved closer to the modem.

    Any help please. Its very wierd imo since it doesent work on both OS. The modem setting havent been changed ever and other PCs find it no problem.
    Used to work, only thing i did is click disconect from the tray on wireless while ethernet was connected and used the cable connection for a week.

    Please help!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond,
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