Cant Update Any Anti-Virus Programs I download, and crashes

By Affliction
Apr 24, 2009
  1. K, i am really getting annoyed of my computer, i have home premium and never had blue screens after the sp1 update and now out of no were for about 2 weeks now and searching and trying to find out whats wrong, i haven't came up with much. So far i have a problem updating the anti-virus, internet security that i download, i had kaspersky 2009 for a while then one day it didn't work after i got a couple blue screens which i don't realty no what the causes were, then kaspersky wasn't working and i clicked on it and it never came up and didn't show up on my notification bar. So i uninstalled it and i thought that was fine, so then i installed avg 8.5 and it never updated and i though it was nothing so i uninstalled that and install panda w.e, that didn't update, and then ca internet security, then now i have nod 32 which i really like and it dosent update at all, i didn't get my normal blue screens when i installed it which is good but it wont update, my guess is that it is a virus but i scanned wit nod32 and it comes up clean and the problem is still there, so i don't no what the problem is and i need help.... PLEASE!!
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    The problem is that i cant update any of my anti-virus programs, and i think that's the cause of the blue screens iv'e been having, so i need to update my eset smart security .
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    And you aren't going to be able to update them until the malware is removed!

    Suggest you follow the excellent referral from account73.

    Try running the AV in Safe Mode. It can be repeated later when update is working. My Nod32 updates automatically.
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