Can't Use new USB Keyboard with old PS/2 KVM?

By tram54
Jan 12, 2011
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  1. I have a Belkin PS/2 KVM that I have used for years. I use it to connect my work laptop and my personal Desktop to a single monitor, mouse, keyboard.

    I recently purchased a new Desktop which of course is USB Only. I was able to still use my KVM by utilizing one of those '2 to 1' PS/2 to USB adapters between the KVM and the Desktop Tower (no issue for my laptop as the docking station has PS/2 connections available). On the other end of the KVM, I used a small USB to PS/2 adapter for the new mouse and it works fine, but I don't have the same luck with the keyboard. For some reason, neither my desktop nor my laptop will recognize the new USB Keyboard. The old PS/2 keyboard gets recognized fine. Any suggestions from anyone?

    Also - I tried buying a newer KVM from Belkin (the USB KVM) but I gave up on it and sent it back because the USB KVM won't recognize my new fancy 20" LCD monitor. It keeps changing the monitor to 'Generic Non-PnP Monitor' which won't allow the correct resolution. Tech support was no help so I returned it and tried to work with my old PS/2 KVM which does not interfere at all with monitor recognition. So, if I can't get this PS/2 KVM to work, can anyone recommend a USB KVM that does not have any issues with monitor recognition?

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