Can't wake up sleeping computer

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Mar 24, 2011
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  1. The last 2 times I put my pc to sleep I couldn't wake it up. I giggled the mouse around,while clicking it';s buttons. I pressed keys on the keyboard. Even moved the keyboard around.Nothing worked. I finally had to shut it down by the off switch on the tower.Naturally this meant when I turned it on again I got the black screen that tells you that your PC has been shut off in correctly. Anyway to fix this problem? CB
  2. Mizzou

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    Depending on how your power button behaviour is set you may need to press the power button one time (just press and realease) to wake it up. Look under Power Settings in the control panel, in the advanced settings.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Double check your power option settings in Windows. If things look fine there, you can look into what suspend state your system is going into by checking the BIOS options. Lastly, sometimes a BIOS update will fix it. My girlfriend's computer was only occasionally waking from sleep, a BIOS update seemed to fix it.
  4. circusboy01

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    MIZZOU and SNGX1275

    I thank you both,and I will try your suggestions..I'll post back and tell you which one worked.If Any..CB
  5. RobFM

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    Which OS are you running? Win 7 has sleep issues, if you use this then disable hybrid sleep. worked for me.
  6. circusboy01

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    I am using Windows7 So it might have been a W7 sleep issue. But it's working fine now. It just fixed it self.I'll use your suggestion if it messes up again Thanks CB

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