Car audio problems

By MIkeld05
Apr 12, 2008
  1. Im currently having many problems with my stero system and i don't know where the problem is steeming from. I Pushed down on the breaks to put my car in drive and my subs start distroting very loud with the volume down. Other problems is the playback from the subs cut out freqently. I don't beleive the problem is the subs as they are almost new. The amp i have under powers the subs by 300 rms or possibly more so thats a problem that needs to be fixed. also the sub woofer out put button dosent work on my cd player unless its in "s/w Mode" (pioneer deck). i beleive the problem is wiring and my amp and cd player plz respond with suggestions. Alpine m450 amp and American Bass subs 1000watts/500rms and pioneer deck
  2. SNGX1275

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    Check your grounds.
  3. MIkeld05

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    check ground and i beleive i should just replace it The amp is picking up on alot of car nosies. i have a compressor in the the truck and a a automatic antenna and i can hear the amp react to each of them as they operate as well as pushing on the breaks. any other suggestions????
  4. tweakboy

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    I assume this was working fine before without you touching anything. Would your subs make loud loud booming noises even without music playing ? Or cut offs, Brother I got your help right here. You don't have to do a thing. As far as redoing wiring or settings. Leave everything alone. Basically this is happening because your AMP for the subs and the sub are tripping out on each other. What you gotta do is play sum thumping music and go to your trunk while is playing. Take out the woofer move it around. Make sure the sub amp is in a static position, Its just a placement thing believe me, I had same problem. you can fix it easy. Its due movement in the back. GL and come back please Im here to help more!!!!
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