Change LAN IP on Netgear Modem

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Just recently got a new wireless set-up after I put my new computer together, and now have it in my house to where the netgear modem is wired to my new computer with a wireless card in the old one.

Anyways, the internet seems to run great, and the only issue is with online games. It seems that for whatever reason my ping is much higher on online games. This has stopped me from being able to play in lots of my favorite servers. Now what I used to do with my old setup if I ever saw abnormally high ping was change my IP (using ipconfig/release, renew) and restart the computer. The ping would be back to normal afterwards. I have tried said method with the netgear modem and it still doesn't change the IP.

So what I was wondering is how do I go about changing the IP to this new Netgear modem? Is there some other problem that's causing abnormally high pings?



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hum; your solution (reset or release/renew on the lan side) is not related to your
ping rates. Yea, the old system behaved interestingly, but that was circumstantial.

First thing would be to update the firmware in the router using the Netgear site.
The LAN ip address will always be the lowest available address, unless you use
MAC address mapping to force an association of mac->ip OR
use static addresses.

I would guess that your ISP is using a QoS service and throttling speeds as in
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