Change or keep asus prime b450

Hi. A year ago I bought an asus prime b450 motherboard. I'm currently using a ryzen 3600 and I'm planning on buying maybe in a year or so a ryzen 5600 or better. Currently I have no problems with my motberboard, but I know it has the worst vrm support. Do you recommend changing it for maybe a b550 tomahawk or just wait to see what happens. My case (nzxt h440) has not the best ventilation, but I put some noctua fans. I'm also using a gtx 1660ti and a noctua cpu cooler.
Thank you



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Hey Pablo;

I think it depends on what you can get for your old rig. If you keep the B450 and take out the 3600 you have to sell a bare 3600. If you sell the whole system complete, you will get a lot more.

If you go 5600 it would be great to get a new graphics card too to go along with a Tomahawk board. The new RTX 3700 looks to be a great choice for you when it comes out. You might be able to snag a good used RTX 2070, 2080 which would be a big upgrade too. Just be careful on what you pay. The RTX 2070 is going to be really affordable performance.