Cheap or decent fan controller for vantec tornado fan

By bobdole776
Jan 7, 2009
  1. just as the thread title implies, i'm looking for a cheap or decent fan controller for my vantec tornado. this thing is loud and pushes way too much air for idle use and i only want to turn it up durring gaming. if anyone has any ideas, please share. thanks.
  2. AdriMagnon

    AdriMagnon TS Rookie Posts: 20


    Newegg has two (3.99 and 5.99):

    Sunbeam FC PCI Fan Controller - Retail

    ZALMAN FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller - Retail

    Maybe one of those will work for you.

    You could also look into building your own but I don't know the risk/cost/reward of that for you versus buying one.

    Building your own fan controller.

    Make your own fan controller

    Build your own temperature sensed fan controller

    Good Luck,

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