Check disk won't stop

By Minion_of_U
Mar 26, 2008
  1. Ive got a 250gb hard drive that i formatted into 2 nearly equal partitions. The C: partition failed for some odd reason, so i re-partitioned it and installed windows on it again. The other partition (D: ) was still ok (which was lucky, because i kept a backup of my old files there). My problem now is that every time i boot, checkdisk runs on the D: drive. It must see it as a newly installed drive or something. I can't stop it, and it's very frusturating waiting for it to finish checking every time i boot up my computer. Any ideas?
    Ps, I run windows XP pro
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    Thanks, it's stopped running check disk. But it's created another problem: it just shows a black screen for about a minute and a half (the same time it was taking to run checkdisk) before loading up the welcome screen. I should mention that it was also showing this screen for a few minutes back before i re-installed windows (it started doing it for about a month, then it declared the partition corrupt). Any suggestions with this one? Maybe my hard drive has a few bad sectors in it? I ran checkdisk today for both the partitions and there were no bad sectors...
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    Close all running programs, except Internet Explorer

    (warning: running the following will automatically restart your computer)

    Download Bootvis h e r e
    Once downloaded, Run it
    Once Bootvis is open, click on Trace (on the toolbar)
    Then click on Optimize System
    Click on Reboot Now

    Wait until your computer starts up (log on normally)
    Once in Windows, do not press any key on your keyboard
    Bootvis will automatically start, and optimize your system (this may take a few minutes)
    Once Bootvis has completed, Uninstall it by running the bootvis.msi setup file again.
    Restart again

    Did that fix it?
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