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In the run up to its release date back in May this year, Homefront: The Revolution looked as if it would turn out to be pretty impressive. The first title, released in 2011, wasn’t all that bad, but it felt like its huge advertising budget could have been put to better use improving the game. Judging by the trailers, the sequel was shaping up to be a refreshing, different take on the FPS genre. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.

Reviews for Homefront: The Revolution ranged from average to poor. With reports of terrible PC performance – even on high-end rigs – combined with repetitive gameplay, bugs, poor AI, and bad controls, a lot of reviewers considered this a wasted opportunity, as it does have some good elements.

As is the case with many games, a series of post-release patches have gone some way toward fixing what went wrong. The most recent of these improved the frame rates, visuals, enemy spawning, and even added two new Resistance mode missions.

If you’d like to see what Homefront: The Revolution is like now that some of the original issues have been addressed, it’s available to try for free on Steam up until 1 PM PT this Sunday. Both the single-player and Resistance modes are available, and it includes the two new missions, Boom Patrol and Indy Forever.

Should you find that you enjoy it and want the full thing, there’s 40 percent off the price (and 50 percent off the Freedom Fighter Bundle) making it $23.99 until 10 AM PT Monday, September 12.

There are a few other Steam deals available this weekend as well, including 75 percent off the excellent This War Of Mine and The Talos Principle.

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Played about 11hrs and have to say...the game doesn't do anything particularly special. They made a big deal of their weapon system at E3 but it's scarcely different from the customization featured in Crysis. They've just replaced standard primary weapon switching with a gun (dis)assembly animation. AI isn't very intelligent, there are random frame drops, and the core gameplay isn't much different from Far Cry.

A few examples:

1. I was able to slaughter wave after wave of Norks by sitting in a broom closet they had surrounded. I'd gun them down as they walked through the door to shoot me, loot the bodies to refill all my ammo, and wait for the next wave. Most of the AIs that shot back stood outside the room and tried to kill me through the wall, before running in. They eventually deaggroed when, for some reason, they could no longer get a bead on my location (despite a massive pile of bodies).

2. I get constant 60FPS (vsync) at max settings on 1080p, even with a full battle going on. But there was this one locker that I could look at and my FPS would drop to 12. If I looked to the left or the right, 60. But if I looked AT the locker, it would drop to 12. For no reason. The locker wasn't even lootable; it was just a set piece. When I ran away from said locker, I received a CTD.

3. You capture territory and complete objectives by killing 5-10 guys and pressing a button. Just like Far Cry.

This game is good value between Free and about $10.00. Anything more is overpaying.
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