Check out the KY-O1L, the credit card-sized 'world's thinnest phone'


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The minuscule device is made by Kyocera and is coming to Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo next month. It weighs just 47 grams and measures 91mm x 55mm x 5.3mm.

The Kyocera KY-O1L features a 2.8-inch monochrome e-ink screen, similar to the kind used in e-book readers. It’s also got a 380mAh battery, LTE connectivity, and what’s presumably a pretty basic web browser, but it doesn't use apps or have a camera.

We’ve seen other feature phones like this appear in 2018, including Nokia’s updated 8110 banana phone, but unlike that cheap handset, the KY-O1L is a pricey $300. It’s still slightly less than the upcoming new Palm phone, but at least that mini device is a lot closer to a standard, albeit it low-spec, modern handset.

There are also questions over whether the KY-O1L really is the world’s thinnest phone. The Vivo X5 Max’s thickness is 4.75mm, and both the 2016 Mozo Z and Oppo R5s are under 5.3mm.

The Kyocera KY-O1L is being released exclusively in Japan next month. For those with money to burn, having a spare phone tucked inside their credit card holder might be a novelty worth having. But for a tiny Android handset packed with high-end features, check out the Unihertz Atom.

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Awesome little phone, great for minimalists or when exercising, camping, etc. That asking price is way out of line though, especially when you can get a well-featured Android phone for considerably less money.

Make it water resistant and charge $50 for it and certain people will buy it. I would.


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I still own a truly pocket sized Sony Ericsson from 2005 which is so small, light and pretty indestructible (still working even after a trip through the washing machine). Although embarrassingly basic crappy features, it got the job done ! Sometimes I just wish I could just switch easily to that one if all I need is basic calls.