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Jul 6, 2010
  1. I have a Vista partition that, due to a number of missing key system files, will no longer boot properly. I understand a re-install is possible, but first I need to learn which version (original, SP1, SP2, etc.) of Vista I have installed in order to select the right media.

    In XP, I understand there was a file that was buried within the system directory that could be accessed if booting into the OS was not possible. Is there a similar technique for Vista I can use? I'm interested in a purely "offline" solution (i.e. access this information from a Linux boot disc/partition).



    ---- SOLUTION UPDATE ----

    I did a little digging through the .TXT files in the Windows directory. For XP, the EULA.txt in Windows\System32 will, at the very end, lists the version installed. As for Vista, the best file I've discovered is license_addendum_1.txt in Windows\System32\en-US had the same information.

    - NBJack
  2. Ultiweap

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    For Vista you have Vista normal and Vista SP1. SP2 has not been released yet. So you may have on Vista. You may try to make a repair from the installation disk to make it boot properly back.
  3. NBJack

    NBJack TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, but I still have the issue of whether or not this is an OEM release, whether or not SP1 is installed, etc.

    All repair attempts have failed at this point (including all automatic repairs Vista makes available), and I'm trying to avoid systematically going through my disc images. The original installation disc is lost in time, and I have several to choose from. Once I find the proper version, I should be able to perform a repair install.
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    You may try to make a repair with any version until finding the good one. You must take in consideration which Windows it is Basic etc.... and also Sp1 or not. but normally any version would do it as they boot sequence and repair remains the same.

    Also what is the recent changes you did before getting this problem? Installation of Activation or another program or hardware?
  5. NBJack

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    Repairs with the version I've tried haven't been successful. Key files are missing, and I'm asking as I don't know what version I'm dealing with.

    As for how this came to be, a nasty infection ended up triggering a very ambitious anti-virus scan. The end result wiped out the virus...and key parts of the system.
  6. superty12

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    What Key Parts

    What key parts of the system are missing? And Vista SP2 is out, I'm using a system with SP2. A REINSTALL MAY NOT BE NEEDED!
    P.S. To look at your version at any given date, run winver.
  7. Ultiweap

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    Yes sorry I make an error and finally found that SP2 is out for about a year thanks to Matthew to remind me about that. This is due i'm completely on Windows 7 since nearly a year since the 7 first build was out.

    As Superty12 told you and I too it would be better to reinstall.
  8. superty12

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  9. Ultiweap

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    Yes every disk is the same as I mentioned but I think he tried already to repair with no results. If this persist then the better way will become a fresh install.
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