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Chrome OS might be getting the Google Play Store shortly

By Scorpus ยท 5 replies
Apr 25, 2016
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  1. Judging by the latest discoveries in Chrome OS, users of the operating system will soon be able to run the vast majority of Android apps thanks to the inclusion of the Google Play Store.

    A Reddit user discovered that, in version 51 of Chrome OS, when you first open up the settings screen an option appears for a split second that says "Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook". The option disappears too quickly for users to actually enable the feature, but it gives a good indication of what is set to come to the OS very soon.

    Digging into the code of Chrome OS reveals that when you enable the setting, a window appears that gives access to the Google Play Store on Chrome OS. It specifically says that users can "choose from over a million apps and games" to install on your Chromebook, indicating that most of the Android apps available in the store will work on Google's desktop OS.

    Android apps have been able to run in the Chrome browser for over a year now thanks to Google's App Runtime for Chrome (ARC), albeit in an experimental way that's mostly designed for developers. On Chrome OS, it seems as if this technology is ready to expand beyond an experimental stage and easily allow anyone to run Android apps on the platform.

    Naturally this is good news for those with Chromebooks, who have been restricted to using mostly web apps since the inception of Chrome OS. The ability to run Android apps will greatly enhance the functionality of the operating system, provided the compatibility and performance of apps designed for phones and tablets is up to scratch.

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  2. Theinsanegamer

    Theinsanegamer TS Evangelist Posts: 1,609   +1,821

    This would be great for chromebooks.

    Now all we need is for google to give us a high end chromebook pixel with iris graphics in it, and im sold.
  3. mrtraver

    mrtraver TS Evangelist Posts: 429   +139

    I had never even considered a Chromebook before, but this might change my mind.
  4. TechHeadKeta

    TechHeadKeta TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Sounds dope. Would be a big impacter of me buying a Chrome OS device. If I should.
  5. taylor1277

    taylor1277 TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    Aren't Chromebooks pretty much tablet laptops? I remember when we could run and use the Google Store on Windows laptops. Not anymore. And what would be nice is or I would like to see is apps that you use for your Chromebook or if we could again use them on Windows, decipher the two, call them Extensions for Chromebooks and laptops and apps if you are using it for tablets or Android phones. would make it so much easier to know where I have these installed.
  6. taylor1277

    taylor1277 TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    If Google runs Google OS the way the run Chrome in the way of updating, Microsoft might be doomed. Why because I will throw all my Microsoft IMB compatible things in the trash once and for all. It is going to be great because I can see it already where people are going to make apps that will also fix Chrome OS let me look into fixing my OS. And the thing about updating, we won't see Microsoft selling any more OS systems. Maybe now with ad tracking, Microsoft can afford to stop making OS systems and just update Windows 10 like they update Chrome. By versions. Free versions or updates to keep it running. Sure we are going to have to buy new laptops and all that. Systems. I can't wait to get a Chromebook. I haven't had the need yet. I am on my second system, my first ran for 12 yrs But to be able to put all those cool apps on a Chromebook. Can't wait. And there is one thing that Google needs to do with phones and their Chromebooks, with all the apps out there, let's say 6m I can only fit 25 on my phone. we need more room to run apps. and also Google do you think the world can call apps we put on Chrome; extensions and apps we put on Chromebooks, phones, and Android tablets apps. Put it this way anything that goes on a Windows device call it extensions. Thank you sometimes I find out they don't have extensions or the other way around.

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