Chuck Renewed!

By SNGX1275
May 17, 2009
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    Its good news, but I'm sure that NBC is going to make it very difficult for Chuck to do well enough to exercise the option of an additional 9 (to round out a full season).

    Going to be pretty interesting, because if NBC markets it right (which they won't) they could gain a bunch of new viewers. I say that because the show will have to fundamentally change after how they ended last season.
  2. captaincranky

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    That is great news......!

    Meh, Chuck's Kung-Foo-bilities could wear off all of a sudden and they'd be back where they started.

    I actually get Chuck! I'm actually greatly entertained by Chuck! I'm waiting for the DVD of Chuck!

    Now, "Heros" on the other hand, I really don't get! Or, at least I surely don't get what everybody else gets out of it. For example, all I see is a bunch of back stabbing super-a**h**** who do nothing but scheme, and on rare occiasions save the world from the trouble they themselves cause! How that qualifies for the title "hero", befuddles me. IMHO, if we didn't have them, we wouldn't need them! That BS is all backstory, and no plot whatsoever.

    Here's a salvo at "Lost"! The plot of that is so bizarre, so stupid, and so pointless, and so contrived as to be, "should have been canceled years ago". Please don't tell me I don't get, it's too stupid not to get. For those out there that do get it and want more, I have this message, you've been victimized by low grade brain-washing. Wow, that mumbo-jumbo makes season 5 of "Andromeda" read like Tolstoy.

    SNGX, When exactly do you propose was the last time NBC did anything right? I'm pretty sure they've forgotten how to do something "right". Besides, how hard can it be to market Chuck? Just put Strahovsky in her underwear, and then put that footage in the trailer.
  3. SNGX1275

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    They'll put it on Monday in the fall, right up against Monday Night Football. Or they'll put it against some rival networks' biggest show, or they'll put it on late on Friday. They'll intentionally put it where it will fail.

    btw, I'd like to think I played a part in getting it renewed, I watched a bunch of Chuck clips on hulu, and the finale twice on hulu. Figured that was about the best I could do to help it out.
  4. captaincranky

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    Every Little Bit Counts.......

    You read the article on "Dollhouse", part of it's reprieve was based on strong DVR viewing and Hulu traffic!

    I'm hard pressed to figure out whether this is really paranoid or mostly true. Wait, I've got it, really paranoid AND completely true! Although I thought "Monday Night Football" was no more. It's actually "Dancing With the Stars" they need to worry about.

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