Classified military documents were posted to the War Thunder forum twice this week

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WTF?! Governments looking for classified documents on other nations' military vehicles might no longer require spies to get the job done; they can just check out the War Thunder forum. Once again, someone used the popular game's message board to post restricted military Intel—twice.

The first incident occurred earlier this week during a discussion about the F-16 Fighting Falcon, a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. It was introduced in 1978 but is still used in active duty today.

Aerotime reports that during the lengthy conversation about the aircraft, a user called spacenavy90 wrote that he found something "interesting" during his research about AMRAAM missiles for the F-16. He proved this by attaching a document that contained export-restricted data.

The document appears to be either an F-16 flight manual or part of it. Its classified status has expired, but distribution is still restricted. The documents were soon removed and developer Gaijin Entertainment once again reminded people that posting confidential military Intel was not allowed.

The incident didn't deter others. Eurogamer writes that after the F-16 documents were posted, over a dozen system manuals for the F-15E US strike fighter, a vehicle that isn't even in the game, were leaked. Again, moderators quickly deleted the post.

This is a familiar phenomenon for the War Thunder forums. Schematics for the Challenger 2 tank extracted from its Army Equipment Support Publication (AESP) were posted in 2021. This was followed a few months later by another leaked document, this one on the French Leclerc Main Battle Tank and its variants, prompting Gaijin to warn users against the practice as the team didn't want to "end up chained at the bottom of a disguised CIA cargo ship in international waters." The warning was ignored—classified documents relating to Chinese tanks were posted to the forum last year.

These documents are usually posted to win arguments. But even those that have been declassified fall under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which limits the disclosure of US weapons data. One has to wonder if proving you're correct is worth a potential ten-year prison sentence.

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Sounds as if they are rookies... But are they?
On the surface looks as if they shared knowledge, and that ends disclosured when someone else finds out outside the cycle, right?


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With heavy Russian accent: "How can I believe you are telling me the truth about the capabilities of this aircraft, I would need some creditable proof to backup your statements, perhaps in the form of a flight manual, yes?"

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All I can do is sit back and laugh my butt off when things like this happen. :laughing:

Let's be honest, the F-16 is the second-most prolific jet fighter in the world after the MiG-21 and it has been around for about 50 years. Is anyone truly naive enough to think that ANYTHING about it is still secret at this point? I swear, people go nuts over the stupidest things.
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