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Clean install Windows 7 using upgrade media

By Jos ยท 26 replies
Oct 27, 2009
  1. I was having problems getting mine to activate then I noticed my clock was set to 2005. I updated the clock and it activated perfectly!

    Hope this will help someone else who might be stuck
  2. I wish I had researched before I installed the Windows 7 Premium Upgrade on my PC. I've already installed it twice; I'm not doing it again. The first time I had FreeDOS, XP, and Linux installed on one drive, and an empty drive for Windows 7. It worked, but I decided to separate all my Operating Systems on to separate drives, eliminating FreeDOS, and putting Linux on a different PC.

    I wiped all my drives and tried to install Windows 7 64 Bit Premium Upgrade. It would not accept my license key. So I then installed XP on a 40 GB IDE drive, and Windows 7 on an 80 GB Raptor SATA drive, and I'm using my 640 GB Caviar Black SATA drive for data. Then I disconnected the IDE hard drive to work with my old IDE drives to bring the data over to the 640 GB drive.

    And, lo and behold! Windows 7 will not load without the XP drive present! They stuck the boot loader on the XP drive. Do you ever get sick of Microsoft? (I know, that's a leading question.) In any case, since Microsoft CLAIMED that Windows 7 was all about considering the end user's needs, you would think they would have considered them for something as important as installing the OS. Duh! Shame on Microsoft for this one!
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