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Cleared Sys Cache, Can't sign in anywhere

By canesheadcase ยท 7 replies
Jun 26, 2008
  1. Hi all...

    My computer was being wicked slow, so I cleared the temp folder in windows, went into ie and cleared all the cookies temporary internet files, etc. Just did some spring cleaning if you will. Then I went to sign into AIM and it says it won't connect to the server, so I check my internet connection (it works... I'm here after all), and I mess with the settings, did manual and automatic settings, still nothing. Went and troubleshot on the website, still nothing. Then I went on Zune and I can't connect to the marketplace either (signing on a Windows Passport). So I went and checked online, checked "winsock2" and some other stuff, firewall, etc. Nothing.

    Is it possible I cleared some file by accident? If so, where do I get it again/fix it? Thanks a ton!

  2. Richardw9

    Richardw9 TS Rookie Posts: 127

    what exactly did the message say?
  3. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Doing a Disc cleanup is good. Wiping out all the files other ways is not. Do a System Restore to date before you 'messed' with all the files.

    Additionally, the most common reasons for a slow computer are:
    1. Too many programs starting at boot and running in the background.
    2. Malware.

    You are giving vague descriptions of what you did. That doesn't help us help you.
    "So I went and checked online, checked "winsock2" and some other stuff, firewall, etc."
    "Just did some spring cleaning if you will."

    When you cleared the Cookies, you removed those that remember your user ID and passwords. And 'spring cleaning' isn't appropriate for a computer. Regular maintenance is safer and will work much better.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Next time this happens Mike, best thing to do and what most Corporate I.T guys do it to. Get into the safe mode, backup your deskop icons, favorites, cookies (depends on if you have passwords save to access this site an etc) Any history or stuff like that. Then go into the System, then click on profiles and delete the name you use to logon with. That usually gets huge and slows done the PC this also effects 2000, XP, 2005, Vista too. Now just reboot and you'll be prompted to access your deleted profile which will be refreshed from the ground-up!
  5. canesheadcase

    canesheadcase TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    Alright, I went into system restore and went to Thursday (the earliest time) and it doesn't make any changes. I still can't sign on...

    You asked for a clearer description so here it goes...

    I open up task manager and see like 57 processes running (after boot...) and pretty much all of the physical memory is used up. The total is 506600 and like 400000 or so of the was the system cache. So awhile ago we had talked to a tech/computer savvy guy who had mentioned clearing the system cache often or at least doing regular maintenance (as you suggested). So I went into internet explorer and hit "clear history" "clear cookies" "clear temp int files" but I left the saved passwords. It took a minute or so and finished. So I closed ie and proceeded to do the same on firefox. I never actually deleted any files by hand, but here is where I think the problem really arose. A friend suggested using this program "quick wiper". So i checked it out, it isn't malware so I installed it, started it up and all it says is "clearing internet history" and I said to myself "I just did that..." and after letting it run for a second I just stopped it and shut it off. I also realized it was only a trial so I figured it was probably useless anyway and stopped it.

    Thus ends my attempts at cleaning up. The system cache definitely went down its at 166252 right now and the computer is slightly faster...however most of you would probably still cry if you saw it.

    As for error messages
    aim- "Connection failed." That is it...
    zune-"An error occured while connecting to Zune Marketplace"
    windows live- "We were unable to sign you into Windows Live Messenger at this time. Please try again later."

    The windows live has a troubleshooter and I passed the IP, default gateway, IE offline setting, host files, DNS, proxy server, Key ports, and thats everything on the list. So it comes up and says "Windows Live Messenger's Connection Troubleshooter was unable to identify and repair the connection problem. However, here are some other resources that might help you. (lists stuff)"

    As for what I have done to troubleshoot myself I ran the Zune troubleshooter which took me to checking the "winsock2" component. I was supposed to check that it included all the right files and that it wasn't corrupted and it wasn't. I checked my firewall, checked my spyware program because it has a "real-time-shield" that blocks basically every program that tries to run unless I allow it to. So I turned the shield off, turned the firewall off, and still could not connect. I've now gone 48 hours into the past to a system restore point but apparently not before I cleared all the files, and that's it.

    I hope this is more accurate information. If you need anymore information just ask and thanks for your help!
  6. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    First of all, you have way too much starting at boot and/or too many Services set to Automatic if you show 57 processes. That's an average of about 20 too many! So I strongly suggest you use the msconfig utility and uncheck everything but the AV, firewall, touchpad if using laptop and network service if on network. Everything else can be called up as needed.

    About Disc Cleanup: this needs to be done on a regular basis as part of your computer maintenance. The maintenance should also include Error Check and defrag.

    The damage was done when you used the Quickwiper program. That is a security file manager that overwrites instead of deletes which is why the System Restore didn't get you working again. Those files and folders are gone- erased, overwritten, no longer on the hard drive.

    Let's check the Event Viewer and see if the Errors will point us to a fix- you do not need the online connection to do this: Follow this path:
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Click on System & Apps, one at a time on the left> look for Errors on the right> right click error> Properties> note description of error, Event# and Source.

    There is a "copy" button below the up/down arrows. Click that, then paste (use CTRL-V) the event details here. It makes for easy reporting of the event-you do not need to include the lines of code that follow the Description-but paste all else.

    You will be looking for Error that occurs at the time of the problem. Please ignore Warnings. NOTE: you are going to see a lot of Errors. Some will be repeating. For those, is the Event ID# is the same, the Source is the same and the Description is the same, I only need one copy of each multiple. We'll see if what was lost came be repaired. Do NOT user the 'Quickwiper' program again- uninstall it! When using any eraser or overwriting program, great care needs to be taken in what to overwrite, because it will be gone!
  7. canesheadcase

    canesheadcase TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    uhhhh I went into the Event Viewer and viewed the only 2 errors and they were both for Windows Update Manager and I was wondering if the AIM or Zune events would or should have made an error so I opened up AIM and tried to sign on to make an error report and it worked... I tried Zune and it signed right in... I'm not going to lie, I didn't touch anything and it works... hahaha

    Thanks for your help! I did uninstall Quickwiper though, and I'll check on the start-up processes. Thanks again!


    [Edit] I talked to my dad about how frustrating it was that the problem just "fixed" itself. Turns out our computer date had been jumped to 2009 instead of 2008... wow... and to think of all the crazy troubleshooting I did for such a simple mistake... :)
  8. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Sometimes, simply rebooting with handle a problem.

    You do need to slim down your start up. There is no need for excess programs to start at boot and run in the background. Just open a program when you need it, don't drag it around needlessly.

    Programs do NOT have to be set to start on boot to work. I think many don't understand this. And virtually all programs WILL put themselves on the Startup menu when installed, unless it is declined. Everything loaded on the computer when you got it was in all probability on Startup!
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