[Closed] 5-step V/S/M Preliminary Removal Instructions - DDS not ending (Part II)

By juako
Mar 27, 2012
  1. Hello again
    Broni, you closed the thread. However, I would like to reopen if possible. I advised I had to leave for a few days, for a business trip. Now I came, and did your instructions.

    You suggested me to retry ComboFix again.

    It did not work properly, as the previous one: I did the first way, following your instructions. Combofix created the recovery point properly, and ran for a while. Then it showed a message saying that it had detected a RootKit.ZeroAccess in the TCP/IP stack. I pressed ok, and everything hang: no activity in HD, nothing. Waited for a very long time (30m at least), but nothing, no HD activity.

    After restart, I did ran the program again, but in safe mode. This time kept working for a while after the RootKit.ZeroAccess message, it showed another simple message" Rootkit Detected", pressed again ok, and the system hang the same way as before, same behaviour.

    I did not tryied RKill, since you said I had to do one of the two options, and as I understand, RKill permits ComboFix running. But my problems is that it runs, but a certain point, halts.

    If you think it is possible to reopen, ok. If not, just tell me. Maybe the right solution is to format hd and reinstall windows and everything again.
  2. Broni

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    Please observe forum rules.

    Please, observe following rules:
    This topic is closed.
    I'll reopen your original one.
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