[Closed] After disinfection PC still denies access to files

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Sep 13, 2012
  1. My original thread is not that old:


    Broni helped me get my PC back under control, but one thing that didn't resolve was the issue of getting full access to my files.

    For example, I have SEO software that allows me to upload fresh proxies before running. I also have software that needs updating, but when I try to write over the old files (updating or changing proxies), I am given an "Access Denied" error.

    When I check the "program (x86)" folder (I am running Windows 7 64 bit), I see the permissions are set to "read only."

    When I try to reset the permissions to "full" under "Security > Advanced" as recommended by Microsoft here:


    I get the "Access Denied" error. Every time I un-check "read only" or try to give myself "ownership" (under Security > Advanced, as Microsoft recommended), the dialog opens up and it seems to work, as if it's changing the permissions/ownership: but it keeps reverting back.

    Since this is a recent infection I'm not sure if I need to run the 5 steps all over again, or if Broni has other suggestions (or anyone else). Please let me know ASAP as I've got to access these tools in order to work for my clients and my own projects.
  2. CanHazTrojanz?

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    I should amend what I said earlier: I can reset permissions, or at least claim ownership of files/folders...what I can't do is to have my folders retain the permissions I set. They keep reverting to "read only" and every time I try to update my software or try to update proxies for the software I'm using, I get "Access Denied" errors.
  3. Broni

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    Lets run the following tool. This will help determine which files need permissions restored.

    Please download and save Junction.zip

    Unzip it and place Junction.exe in the Windows directory (C:\Windows).
    Go to Start>Run (Vista and Windows 7 users use "Start search" box).
    Copy and paste the following command in the Run box and click OK (Vista and Windows 7 users press "Enter"):

    cmd /c junction -s c:\ >log.txt&log.txt& del log.txt

    A command window opens starting to scan the system.
    Wait until a log file opens.
    Copy and paste the log in your next reply.
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    [Moved to original thread per Broni's instruction.]
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    I'll close this one and I'll reply in your original topic.
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