[Closed] Cannot remove soundmax

By farhada
Jul 27, 2011
  1. hi there is no sound on my system and if i try installing a new driver the older soundmax driver is not replaced and on trying to delete the soundmax driver it always comes back. have even given try deleting in registry but no success. read another post n they said its malware.
    any help pleez!!

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  2. Bobbye

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    Welcome to TechSpot. We do not 'screen' for malware with HijackThis.
    I will make comments though based on some of the HJT entries:
    1. There is no antivirus program running.
    2. There is no security of any kind running.
    3. You have uTorrent and Conduit processes running for many functions- if you looking for drivers through utorrent, file sharing is going to trash your system.
    4. The system has been or is being modified- possibly by [nltide1]
    5. It appears there is a keylogger on the system.
    I suggest you reformat and reinstall. Leave the trash out. You system is not going to run or be secure with what's on it now.
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