[Closed] Ran 8-step, computor slow and locking up occasionally

By timbob5
Nov 25, 2010
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    Ran 8-step and had a few problems with step 4, GMER. Tried many options, closing windows firewall and put CA antivirus in sleep mode, ran in safe mode and computer kept shutting down, 'crash dump' type 5 or 6 times during run. Skipped to next step with success and went back and tried again in safe mode, this time picking each line item on right one at a time. Saved individual log files when each completed (named "IATonly" and Devicesonly" log files). Others noted "haven't found any system modifications", however the last pick "Files" including "ADS" shutdown the system again without completing. Gave up at this point.
    My daughter has noted this computor has been running real slow and occasionally locking up. Please review logs attached and possibly suggest how to proceed.
    Thank you,
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