Closing a DOS application

By Bernie157
Feb 8, 2009
  1. I have been using a particular DOS application for 23+ years, across various versions of REAL DOS and most versions of Windows through XP. I currently run it interchangibly on 2 computers, primary on a Gateway laptop running XP Home Edition and also on a Gateway tower running Windows Media Center (a variant of XP Pro).

    The application is usually started using a shortcut that invokes a BAT file although I can and have also started its EXE file from w/i a DOS command window or otherwise. Normally the application is closed using its own method (usually pressing Alt-X) and following a prompt.

    On the tower computer, if I attempt to close the app by clicking on the X in the upper right corner or by shutting down Windows while the app is running, I will get a prompt that it is running and have to shut the app before proceeding.

    This used to occur on the laptop but hasn't, perhaps for a year now. I would rather always get the prompt so as to not shut the app accidentally. Does anyone know what I can tweak to get this to work again on the laptop?

  2. kimsland

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    Oh that's that close idle tasks, or exit unresponsive programs automatically issue (although most actually want this to happen)
    Seeming it's the opposite of what users normally want to do, I'm unsure (actually I could work out the registry key)
    Just do a search on the above (idle tasks, close unresponsive programs) and work backwards from what's done ;)
  3. Bernie157

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    When I first read your post, I was inclined to say that your answer was too simplistic and you didn't understand the problem. So I did a Google on "unresponsive programs" and registry and found several entries about changing AutoEndTask field in the registry.

    I searched the registry and found 3 of those, the first of which was set to 1 so I changed to 0. The others were already 0. After a reboot, the result is that clicking on the X of the window with the DOS app running, does prompt me with the "End Program" dialog. So I thank you very much.

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