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Apr 9, 2012
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  1. I have a dell pc worth around 4 grand with lifetime warrenty. The lady died, but robbed some of my dads life savings before death so the fam gave me the pc. I cannot get tech support for a "taken" pc. So i've learned to work on it my self over the years amazing gaming pc.

    The asus I have was used during my deployment in iraq, it got dropped once or twice and would not boot properly anymore. Here is some info on that...

    THE HARD drive boots on my dell pc here successfully on normal mode first time. Failed and blue screened. Then I'd say okay safe mode, well that worked until i did a registry cleanup with cc. Tried safe mode 3 more times and now the screen has stragne flickering well lol.

    I am not a begginner at taking things apart more or less close to intermediate or 7/10 at figuring all engineering problems out. So bare with me i'm learning as i GO.

    Boots in Safe Mode Yes
    Error When Bootng

    I cant post pictures yet
    Since it sounds like a "difficult" issue It wont hurt my feeling at all to say you guys wont help.I've come this far on my own.

    Well anyway let me know something and if you guys want to see some pics i can throw some up pretty quick here. Lead me through

    The dell pc is a long story, lets just say I have the windows 32 and 64 disc with all the cds that came with it. The problem is the lady screwed the family but hiding the serial numbers on purpose. long story some people are crazy. Leave it to be sucks being broke because of women. :) no suggestions on buying anything please unless its under 30 dollars
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    If you have the original Dell restore CD/DVD's you do not need to have the product keys for the OSes. They'll automatically work and activate as long as they are used with Dell hardware.

    It sounds like the registry cleaner has caused unintentional problems by removing required entries -- I see it all too often, and without registry backups resolving the damage can be time consuming. As a mental note for future reference, registry cleaners are not always a wise idea and should be used with extreme caution. If your going to use them, it is essential to create a backup first.

    To save continual efforts in vain, and in order to resolve the issue in a expedited timeframe, just wipe the OS and reinstall it using whichever Dell supplied OS disc you prefer.
  3. QuickRabbit

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    I had looked into the issue of adding another hard drive with an already installed operating system. The problem is of course when i scanned the registry with CC cleaner. Blue screaning while having another hard drive in can mean one thing, hard drive is faulty or there is not damage on to the motherboard.

    None the less I will look into this after work today. I will first to test this issue plug in the old hard drive back, insert installation vista cd 64xbit this time because id rather install that anyway than the 32.

    I have also completely whipped all partitions on the dell computer.
    Long story why I had to but there was mutliple operating systems installed and I had deleted the backup naively because i was ignorant of the win7 folder & others in the backup and their purpose inside a pc machine.

    The asus runs windows 7

    The dell ran windows 32
    Also ran a virtual box windows XP operating system and windows 7 operating system without any conflicts other than the information being stored in back up
    Those 2 operating systems are long gone now they were still in the box at the time but I carelessly threw those cd's away thinking id get more.
    Reason why i was deleting backup I had assumed the operating systems in it were going to conflict with my brand new windows 7 install i managed to finish tweaking my windows 7 for personal use until i tweaked the wrong folder.

    So I have all the dell driver cd's as well that came with the dell computer and windows 32 and windows 64.

    Iy yi yi, well I am going to work on a cumming engine in a semi with my friend. Sorry if my responces are slow but I was tired and had to work on printer stuck in language last night.
  4. QuickRabbit

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    Next step

    Video not feeding into monitor (cable not connected message via monitor screen)

    what I've got going on is a limited amount of attempts what I'm breathing in here now are some lessons..

    mother board could -f-a-i-l - I've remembered this

    Boot attempt from the dell hard drive failure 7:20 PM april 12, and this time im not getting any video. Hoping its just something simple, what I'm brainstorming on mostly. That or the graphics card,I've taken very good firm observations of the inner tower but have not taken or cleaned off the dust on the card this year, during the session I don't want physical damage to be assumed by cause of cleaning otherwise unless intentional.

    AS far as the asus goes
    Don't have power adapter for my asus so im really thinking about googling f'sure rigging power to the laptop for test results in booting I would think it would be entirely safe if used the correct methods. Listed are my concerns above mr leeky
  5. Leeky

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    First off, I would immediately stop using registry cleaners. They're likely to add to your problems, not help them.

    If you take a working hard disk from one machine and add it to another with different hardware it is highly probable that the computer will BSOD.

    You need to perform a clean install of an OS, not swap existing installations' hard disks between computers.

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