Comcast is forgiving old debts in a bid to sweeten up to regulators

Shawn Knight

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Remember that Comcast initiative called Internet Essentials that aimed to provide discounted Internet access and affordable computers to low-income families? You know, the one that the FCC required Comcast to launch as part of their acquisition of NBCUniversal back in 2011?

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If the merger happens, there will hardly be any competition, data caps on places that never had one before, and prices will likely skyrocket.

Cycloid Torus

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Gladly support merger if 4 other independent ISPs in every market are given full access to network at 108% of actual hard cash costs (you know, like a utility with transmission lines). The LACK of competition is the main issue. The dog in the manger says, "Bow Wow." and the sheep starve.


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The more they kiss ***, the more we should be worried about how much they value this merger and how much they think they'll be able to get away with afterwards.


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It's now up to Google to create competition. Unless people find a method that uses a Mesh network so that the internet can be decentralized.