Comp won't load up

By BieX
Jan 7, 2007
  1. I have a very bad and annoying problem. I was installing a game called Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, it was at 66%, and it restart my comp(this happens when im playing games rarely). and now, it said it did not shut down normally, and i can choose from "Start Windows Normally", "Start in Safe Mode", "Start in last known good configuration",and "Start in safe mode with networking". I tried them all, but when it is loading Windows XP, after about a second or less, it restarts again and could go on forever!
    Someone please help me, I would really appreciate it.
    BTW, I have an Alienware comp.

    Thanks for Reading
  2. santarawr

    santarawr TS Rookie

    My dad had this SAME problem earlier today. i don't know how enemy territory did that though.
    so yours does the same? just goes through the loop huh?

    we had to go through the whole recovery thing. that means pretty much everything gets deleted off your computer. BUT. some things are still kept on there, and you have to update everything you had on your computer. it took me and him about an hour to do this.

    i'm sure you can find a better answer, so don't do this until you look for a better answer.
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