My PC takes a long time to boot up than it used to...

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Not so long ago, my computer took roughly 15 seconds to startup; from pressing the power button to the sign-in screen.
But recently it has started to take more than a minute to start. This happens if I shut down the PC and then switch the power back on manually (through the power button). But when I restart it using the restart option in Windows, it takes only 15 seconds.
I face this problem which has been bothering me for more than 2 weeks.

Here's the video of the PC starting up. It took more than 1 minute to start up. Notice that it starts up instantly after the loading animation appears at the bottom of the LENOVO logo.

Conversely, if I restart my PC from the restart option in Windows, it starts up only in 15 seconds (the loading animation at the bottom of the LENOVO logo appears instantly). Here is the clip of restarting thorugh windows.

I don't know why that "loading animation" takes so much time to show. I assure you it isn't because of the startup programs because I only have 1 startup program which is "f.lux", an eye protection program and I have been using it forever. The Windows is installed on the SSD.

I think it may be because of BIOS settings or hardware or something. I will really appreciate any help and guidance.



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Try turning off Windows Fast Startup....

Here is an article on why you might want to try that: