Compaq iPack PC 700 fails to boot

By nichos
Jan 12, 2010
  1. COMPAQ iPack PC 700, Intel Celeron 699mhz CPU, 512 mb RAM, 9gb Maxtor HD, 6 USB sockets & CD drive.

    This old Qompack upride PC suddenly will not boot

    Recycled the HD cables (winXP)

    Changed the HD & its cable

    Removed the Bios battery (there are no link to remove & replace for this)

    Checked whatever seams relevant in Bios

    On bootup goes to a flashing small line on screen top left.

  2. nichos

    nichos TS Rookie Topic Starter


    managed to start it with another 10 GB HD, & works fine even on the net.

    But the 40gb HD (which works fine on my other PC) it tries but just can make it.

    Tryed to boot on XP CD, went to choices screen & clicked "R" it proceeded but ended up to black screen with text ending "Type Exit to reboot for restore........." but there is no line to type to & hungs there.

    I found this " Storage Hard Drive Smart II Ultra ATA 100 – 20 GB" in these Compaq Specs, although it is for the 800.

    Could it be that it only uses 20gb HDs or less & my 40gb is not accepted?

    thanx ......nick
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