Compaq Presario headaches

By ElShotte
Sep 7, 2010
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  1. Okay. At work I have 2 Compaq Presario PC's. One is model SR1010NX and the other is S5010NX. They're fairly old. I have a Ubuntu 10.04 server set up that acts as my DHCP/TFTP/Samba server for booting with PXE, then installing the selected system and my custom application suite using only literally 2 minutes of my time to type in such details as the CD Key, Computer Name, etc.

    So anyway, back to my Presario problems. Both computer conveniently do not have a Network Boot ROM (for example nVidia Boot Agent). So if I try to boot from network, Ill get a "Disc Failure". The S5010NX will not boot with a USB drive plugged-in period. It will get stuck on the red "Compaq" screen. If I unplug the device, it boots into BIOS/OS perfectly fine. If Im in the BIOS, and I plug the device in, the BIOS turns non-responsive, when I remove it, it starts responding again. Weird.

    Here the 2nd chat session I've had with HP Professional Support (or whatever it's called). All I have to say is, I knew more about computers when I was 12 then these guys do.

    I have given up with trying to boot either for now. I'll burn a proper boot CD when I get home later today, but IMHO I will definitely guide everyone away from buying a Compaq computer because their Tech Support is clearly a joke.
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    Not me personally, no. At the office where I do IT the oldest machines they have are those. They're fine for what they need them for, and usually the seniority get beefier machines. The software suite I install is simple, it includes Adobe Reader, Microsoft Security Essentials, Office 2003 and Point 7.2 (Mortgage Software).

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