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Sep 18, 2012
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  1. Hello all, as you could probably tell by what I'm about to post, I'm new to the scene. I would like to just build a test PC if you will, which will run Arma II, and possibly III :D on medium-ish graphics. Could you please help me on this venture? I've selected what I've been recommended by lots of people, but it all seems too cheap to be a reliable build.

    The total price (Including a £5 fan) came to £333.77. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't get upset when I set it up to find out parts are not compatible for my setup. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. ikesmasher

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    IDK if that power supply is dependable or not, I would go with a common name brand.

    Also, that graphics card is meh....I would avoid the x450 at all costs...
    But its all compatible. nice job.
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  3. Spedazzle

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  4. slh28

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    • The FX 6100 is only £7 more, that's definitely worth it.
    • Don't know much about Be Quiet PSUs, but for a lower price you could get a Seasonic based XFX PSU, comes with a 5 year warranty and is very solid. If you want a bit more power in case you upgrade your components in the future then there's also a 550W version (couldn't find it on ebuyer).
    • The RAM you picked is rated at 1.65V, you're better off with a 1.5V kit especially when it's the same price.
    • I'd really recommend looking out for used graphics cards on ebay, for the price of a new 6670 you can get a GTX 460 1GB (non-SE edition) or 6850. They are mid-range gaming cards will give you far, far superior performance to a 6670.
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  5. Spedazzle

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  6. slh28

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    Hmm £110 doesn't sound like a great deal for a 6850, you can get a 6870 for £10 more. Depending on your resolution you can expect to play on medium-high settings for the most demanding games with a 6870 and it should max less demanding ones.

    Build looks very good for the price, I'm surpised the whole thing costs as much as one of my GPUs :D
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  7. Spedazzle

    Spedazzle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Aha, I know right, being a student 'n' all, it's hard for me to rake up the money at the moment. Once I get back to work (Fractured my knee) I'll probably go bigger and wilder.

    Thanks for the suggestion too mate, I'll have too look into it

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