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Jul 15, 2009
  1. ok, i havent built a computer for quite some time, and ive only built one about 5 years ago, but i need a gaming computer thatll kick the crap outta stuff for awhile. built the last one on newegg and loved it, very loud though. im looking for quietness and *** kickage :)
    anyways, im pretty inexperienced and i know the very basics about putting things in their right place (forgot the arctic silver last time, only problem)

    specs/links from newegg:

    CPU- i7 intel Nehalem 2.66ghz

    GPU-EVGA 02G-P3-1185-AR GeForce GTX 285 2GB 512-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16

    HDD- 150gb 10000rpm WD velociraptor

    Case-cooler master full tower --see link

    power supply- CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W

    memory- G.SKILL Trident 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000

    mobo- Asus P6T

    my main questions are about compatibility, any wires i need, anything else i need at all, cooling questions and most importantly, better products (intel/nvidia fan). i also know that i need the thermal compound for the cpu.

    thanks people :)
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    just make sure your motherboard is compatable with the desktop your buying and any graphics cards you plan to get, I think you should get a motherboard that could be Nvidia compatable also because alot of newer graphics card are Nvidia branded, and also make sure the motherboard has enough space for any upgrade rooms, and also that the computer can support the memory you plan to get, also I didnt see anything about the ram, If youi want a good gaming computer Get at least 3-4 GB of ram

    Good Luck!
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    If you can afford it might be worth getting an SSD (solid state drive) for your system drive and a cheaper and larger hard drive to store anything like photos or videos on.
  4. mrturtle

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  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The mobo and CPU is not what I'd recommend for gaming, since the Core i7 is pretty much overpowered for anything except content-creation apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop. I would recommend these parts instead:
    Also, unless you have a 30" monitor capable of a resolution of 2560x1600, the GTX 285 is a colossal waste of cash (especially since the GTX 280 provides the same amount of power for a significantly lower price). A GTX 275 will be plenty for any resolution upto 1920x1080. I recommend buying from XFX if you're in North America BTW, due to their better warranty coverage. Read about it here.

    In addition, you may want to replace the HDD with a single large drive like the WD1001FALS or Samsung SpinPoint F1 for games and storage, and a small 30-60GB SSD for your OS and programs.

    I believe AMD provides the best value for money deal at the moment compared to Intel. The 955BE is easily faster than a Q9550, and OCing will be much easier due to the unlocked multiplier. Also, AM3 motherboards are significantly cheaper compared to Intel-based DDR3 motherboards.

    Lastly, you may want to consider a modular PSU like the HX850 or Antec Signature 850W, since they help airflow.

    Your other choices look great though.
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